01 December 2022

Volunteers From NFP Praised At Regional Level

The establishment of a youth volunteer team by the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) serves as an exemplary demonstration of large-scale business involvement in territorial development and support for active youth. The successful experience of the plant’s initiative was discussed at the “NKO-Expert 2022” Forum, which took place in Vladivostok and focused on socially-oriented non-profit organizations in Primorsky Krai.

In September 2022, NFP formed a volunteer squad composed of students from the Nakhodka State Humanities and Polytechnic College (NGGPK). The volunteers have already successfully organized several environmental campaigns, including a large-scale cleanup on the popular Koroviy Beach and greening efforts at the Eastern Hospital premises in Vrangel. The company actively participates in the development of eco-volunteering, assisting students in organizing activities and providing necessary equipment and materials.

“We live in Nakhodka and want our city to thrive and become even better. Of course, we need to start with ourselves. There are many projects, such as clean-up events, greening initiatives, and social endeavors. It’s fantastic that we are working together with NFP; we share a common goal, and with such a prominent partner, we have much greater opportunities,” shared Vasilina Vasilenko, the chairperson of the NFP volunteer team and a student at NGGPK.

The development of volunteerism in Primorsky Krai, including corporate volunteerism, was the focus of a dedicated panel at the Forum. Discussions revolved around youth engagement in volunteering.

“Although NFP is still in the construction phase, it is already actively participating in the city and regional development. The volunteer team is a prime example of this. It is worth noting the exceptional professionalism demonstrated here: environmental specialists collaborate with students and conduct educational events. This is, by the way, an excellent example of intellectual or corporate volunteering,” remarked Elena Herman, deputy chairperson of the Public Chamber of Primorsky Krai.

It is worth mentioning that the “NKO-Expert 2022” Forum brought together over 200 representatives from non-profit organizations and public activists from 27 territories in Primorsky Krai. The participants included experts, volunteers, journalists, deputies, and officials at both federal and regional levels.