12 October 2022

“A Fairy Tale Help”: NFP Employees Restore Playground at Kindergarten

Employees of the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) have assisted the “Yagodka” kindergarten in the Partizansky District in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Hinnamnor.

The state of emergency is still in effect in several regions of Primorsky Krai. In September, the southern part of the region experienced flooded roads, washed-out bridges, and numerous fallen trees. The village of Vladimiro- Aleksandrovskoye was also not spared from the effects of the typhoon. Although residential buildings and infrastructure were largely restored, the “Yagodka” kindergarten continued to face unresolved issues with its premises. Due to erosion, the depth of the potholes on the playground reached one and a half meters, and the children’s gazebo was on the verge of collapse.

“Typhoons in Primorsky Krai are not uncommon, but for our kindergarten, it was the first time in many years that we suffered such extensive damage. A massive flow of water inundated the area, and although we tried to divert it ourselves by digging trenches, the aftermath was still evident. Hinnamnor caused significant damage to the Partizansky District, particularly to the transportation infrastructure, so we didn’t expect immediate assistance.  However, the help from NFP came unexpectedly and truly felt like a fairy tale. Apparently, miracles can happen at times other than New Year’s Eve,” shared Natalya Blagush, the head of the “Yagodka” kindergarten in the Partizansky Municipal District.

The specialists from NFP took the initiative to assist the kindergarten. There were enough volunteers to cope with the aftermath of the disaster in just three days. They installed canopies on the kindergarten building, delivered soil, leveled the area, and restored the gazebo. The equipment was provided by the construction contractor of NFP, AO Kompleks.

“The atmosphere in this kindergarten is so cozy, neat, and bright. It’s evident that the employees put their hearts into their work, and the parents are also actively involved — most of the decorative elements on the playground were handmade. That’s why it gives it feels so satisfying to be able to help. Moreover, our personal stance fully aligns with the mission of NFP: together, we strive to make the place we live in as comfortable and safe as possible and to lend a neighborly hand to those in need,” noted Dmitry Shevkun, an employee of NFP.

Currently, the “Yagodka” kindergarten is attended by 102 children. They come not only from Vladimiro-Aleksandrovskoye but also from the nearby settlements of Zolotaya Dolina and Nikolayevka. For almost a month, the little ones were unable to go out and play in the hazardous area, but now they are finally able to again play at the premises of the kindergarten.