04 October 2022

Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) Organizes “Subbotnik” At Koroviy Beach

The swimming season at Koroviy Beach in Vrangel had come to an end, and NFP took the opportunity to engage in a large-scale cleanup effort, involving over 100 participants. Environmental experts provided volunteers with insights into the importance of responsible consumption and waste management.

The “subbotnik” at Koroviy Beach has become a tradition for NFP. This was the third time that the plant’s employees and volunteers joined forces to clean up the shoreline. However, this time, the format changed from being purely recreational to more educational. Enlightening the participants is an integral part of NFP’s environmental focus, which is one of the key aspects of its social policy. The company strives to foster a responsible attitude towards nature not only among its employees but also within the broader community. This year, NFP embarked on the construction of a tree nursery and previously conducted a large-scale greening campaign in Vrangel.

Marina Palinikash, the Senior Specialist of the HSE Department at NFP, expressed her personal attachment to the event, stating, “I myself live in Vrangel, and Koroviy Beach is our favorite family spot. That’s why this event is important to me as a local resident. NFP is cares about the environment, and we aim for sustainable development, meaning the utilization of existing resources without compromising future generations. Our actions demonstrate our commitment and turn our words into deeds.”

The clean-up event brought together NFP employees and their families, members of community organizations, athletes, and residents of Vrangel. This time, the local branch of the Russian Youth Union also joined the “subbotnik.”

In just two hours, they managed to completely clean the beach, collecting 50 cubic meters of garbage. The main driving force behind the clean-up was the NFP volunteers. The team was formed in collaboration with the Nakhodka Humanities and Politics College. It brought together the students who aspire to make positive changes in Nakhodka.

Vasylina Vasilenko, an NFP volunteer, commented, “I am deeply concerned about the ecology of our country and the world in general. I believe that change starts from within ourselves and the places we live in, which is why I always participate in cleanup events. Now that the swimming season has just ended and the beaches are dirty, why not get involved and clean up?”

Environmental activities take place throughout the year in Nahodka. Beach clean-ups have become an autumn tradition as there is often a significant amount of waste, mainly plastic, left on the shores after the tourist season.

Irina Korotets, Head of the Ecology and Natural Resources Department at the Nahodka Municipal Administration, expressed gratitude to NFP for their enthusiasm and excellent organization of the clean-up event. She emphasized that it was invaluable assistance not only for the administration but also for everyone, as the clean-up event not only involves the removal of waste but also serves as an educational initiative for the younger generation. She added, “The sea is a gift of nature that we have, and it is our responsibility to care for its cleanliness.”

They say success is a system. I appreciate that NFP takes a systematic approach to environmental issues. Through these cleanup events, we mark the beginning and end of the summer season, and with each event, more and more people join in. Clean beaches become even more popular, contributing to the development of the urban area,” emphasized Elena German, Deputy Chairperson of the Public Chamber of Primorsky Krai.

It is worth noting that Koroviy Beach in Vrangel was developed in 2021 at the initiative of NFP and later was handed over to the administration of the Nahodka urban district. During the initial phase, sports facilities for beach volleyball, beach football, and gymnastics were installed, along with a children’s playground, benches, and garbage bins.