26 September 2022

First students from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) begin targeted training for the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant

Chemistry students from FEFU will receive a monthly scholarship Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP), and upon graduation, they are guaranteed employment opportunities. A total of 12 students will undergo targeted training, and five freshmen have already signed contracts to participate in the program.

Collaborating with educational institutions is one of the key aspects of NFP’s human resources policy. The future plant’s team is being formed during the construction phase, which is now taking place, with specialists developing talent pool programs for students from higher and vocational educational institutions in Primorsky Krai. FEFU is the largest contributor of engineering and technical specialists. This is why first-year students who are aspiring chemists were offered targeted training contracts: throughout their academic period at the university, they receive a scholarship from NFP, and upon graduation, they are guaranteed a job at the production site in Nakhodka.

“We are purposefully engaging with aspiring chemists, and have recently hosted a gathering attended by 50 first-year students. During the event, we talked about the career prospects and addressed their inquiries. The students are interested primarily in the working conditions, and they are also keen to learn more about the project, including the technologies, production scale, and social initiatives undertaken by NFP”, – said Larisa Kuzmina, an expert in training and personnel evaluation at NFP.

By the time of commissioning of the plant, the NFP workforce will amount to fifteen hundred individuals. All employees are provided with favorable working conditions, including paid internships, comprehensive social benefits, and the opportunity to acquire housing under preferential terms.

Until March 2023, the company will be forming a talent pool targeting production-related specialties. The primary and most in-demand position is that of a chemical production operator. NFP will provide training from scratch to candidates and will be offering a stipend during the training. Upon completion of the training, all participants will get the guaranteed jobs at the production facility.