19 October 2022

“Green Life” Starts From School: Children in Nakhodka Learn to Protect Nature

Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP) has launched its series of environmentally focused lessons in schools throughout the city. The first audience was the students of the early grades at Smetankin School 12. They discussed the separate collection of waste and its recycling.

Promoting environmental education and raising ecological awareness among schoolchildren and youth is the key area of NFP’s social policy. For instance, high school students in Nakhodka participating in the “Formula for Success” contest independently conduct research in the field of ecology. The main goal of ecological education is to provide students with not only valuable knowledge but also practical skills.

During the first lesson, younger students were taught how to properly sort waste, why recycling is important, the dangers of disposing batteries in regular trash bins, and wastewater treatment plants operate at modern production facilities.

“Our mission is to teach children from an early age to live in a way that does not harm the planet, animals, and plants, instilling a responsible attitude towards the environment from early childhood. Caring for nature starts with the simplest everyday moments,” noted Yuri Vykhodtsev, head ecologist of NFP, who acted as an instructor.

The students were specially impressed by the photos of the large Pacific garbage patch. They witnessed the detrimental effects of plastic on marine life. Then they transitioned from the global to the local level, understanding that everyone can contribute to helping the planet. At the very least, by not polluting it further, they can make a difference.

“Recently, during our environmental studies class, we discussed waste separation, and now the children have seen its importance firsthand. In the spring, our class will participate in the traditional school cleanup day, and we will try sorting the garbage. We will move from theory to practice,” said Olga Mitelenko, the 4th-grade teacher.

The children attentively listened and actively asked questions (such as what technologies and methods exist for cleaning the ocean), and some even expressed their desire to become ecologists in the future.

Eco-lessons will become a tradition, and in the near future, experts from NFP will give lessons in other schools in the city on important topics related to practical ecology.