19 February 2024

“Chemistry is Magic”: Nakhodka junior school students learn how to conduct safe experiments

Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant continues a series of entertaining chemistry lessons in Nakhodka schools. Experiments with violent reactions, invisible ink and a real laboratory – this is how second-graders from School No. 20 study the world around them together with a guest teacher Kseniya Mishkova, head of NFP sanitary and environmental control laboratory.

An important task of chemistry lessons is to get acquainted with a relevant and interesting profession. NFP conducts career guidance work at all levels: from entertaining chemistry lessons in primary schools to targeted training with students of universities and colleges of the region. This is how young residents of Nakhodka discover interesting and in-demand careers in their hometown from an early age.

At this school, second-graders reviewed the topic of different professions during one of their environmental lessons. Makar Shmelev’s mum is a medic and works in a field related to chemistry, so his project was about the work of a chemist. The topic raised a lot of questions from the kids, so their class teacher Vlada Kim turned to NFP for guidance.

“This is a new large and interesting enterprise for the city. It was interesting to get to know each other, to learn about chemical production. Now for schoolchildren of eight to nine years old, chemistry is magic. And as long as they are interested, we can build a strong base, instill a love for science from a young age,” says Vlada Kim.

After each lesson, NFP receives requests from other schools in the city, so entertaining chemistry in Nakhodka will become a tradition.