03 March 2024

NFP takes care of the environment before the foundation of the plant is laid

Construction of a wastewater collection and treatment system has been completed on the site of the future plant. Here all wastewater undergoes more than ten filtration stages. Timur Maginsky, Mayor of Nakhodka, inspected the site of local treatment facilities.

All wastewater from the construction site goes into special collectors through a system of upland ditches. Each of them can hold up to 700 cubic metres of water, which is comparable to the volume of the Primorets swimming pool. Six such reservoirs have been installed throughout the plant.

“We take care of the environment, so we decided it was right to erect modular treatment facilities for rainwater and wastewater during the construction period, so that no pollution from the site would harm the environment. These modules are built using Russian technologies, in some respects exceeding the legal requirements for the degree of purification,” said Viktor Grebenyukov, Executive Director of the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant.

Settling, clearing debris and branches, sifting stones and sand – these are only preparatory procedures. Each treatment plant is equipped with six pressure filters, among which are sorption and granular filters. After all procedures, the water undergoes ultraviolet disinfection.

“The residents of Nakhodka love their region, their home and reverently follow everything that happens in the area. Especially if it has to do with environment. NFP diligently follow environmental legislation and pay close attention to opinions of local residents. Even at the stage of construction the plant takes utmost care to avoid construction waste spoiling local nature. And this is very important both for the residents of Nakhodka and for tourists coming here and swimming in our sea,” says Timur Maginsky, Mayor of Nakhodka.

Environmentally friendly production is the main task of NFP. Since the shoreline runs close to the future plant, even rainwater from the hills should be clean and transparent. The treatment facilities will start operating at full capacity before production starts.