18 September 2023

NFP Futsal Players Won their First Cup

The NFP team proudly secured their first trophy as the Amateur Futsal Championship in Nakhodka came to an end after a thrilling 3.5 months. The victorious Chemist team, representing NFP, participated in 21 matches and saw four of its players earn spots in the All-Star team, underlining their solid performance throughout the tournament.

NFP actively fosters employee engagement in sports and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The company promptly responds to staff requests: when the amateur futsal team gathered, the company arranged for training facilities, acquired necessary equipment, and supported the players’ aspirations to compete in citywide tournaments.

In this year’s Second Division of the Nakhodka Championship hosted 8 teams, and the competition unfolded across three rounds.

“We faced a challenging start in the tournament but steadily improved our performance over time. Although we didn’t clinch the top position, we demonstrated our resilience, putting up a strong fight against our adversaries. Our objectives for the tournament were successfully met: establishing a presence in the city’s sporting community, promoting our team’s identity, fostering unity, and improving our fitness; I even shed 5 kg. While some of our competitors were notably stronger, largely due to their experience, I believe that by the time we commence production, the NFP team will be one of the youngest,” shared team captain and chief ecologist of NFP, Yuri Vykhodtsev.

Vasily Yakubovich, head of the metrology laboratory at NFP, stood out as the top player in the Chemist team, impressing the referee panel.

“What sets the Chemist team apart is the fact that all the players belong to the same company. It’s inspiring to watch this disciplined, uniformed bunch. More such teams are needed to foster amateur football growth in Nakhodka,” remarked competition judge and representative of the city’s football federation, Victor Son.

The competition wrapped up with a showdown between two line-ups comprising standout players from the tournament. Notably, four Chemist team members, including the captain, joined these squads, displaying their prowess. Looking ahead, the team plans to engage in year-round training and take part in indoor futsal tournaments across the city despite the conclusion of the season.