04 October 2023

See it firsthand: chemistry students assessed the construction scale of the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant

Students from the Nakhodka State Arts and Polytechnics College (NSAPC), future oil and gas experts, visited the construction site of the Nakhodka Mineral Fertilizer Plant (NFP). Recently, it started a cycle of regular tours for the students of one of the main local personnel “donors”.

NFP is hiring its team now, at the construction stage. The HR policy of the plant focuses on local manpower, this is why NFP actively cooperates with colleges and vocational high school. NFP and NSAPC have been working closely together many years, developing professional personnel by devising training programs and signing employer-sponsored education contracts with the students. Now tours around the construction site are on the vocational training list.

“I became convinced once again, that the fresh upcoming generation is fascinating. The students express a keen interest, ask adequate and tricky questions. In particular, when we showed them an operating tank water circulation station. The guys started asking immediately as to why there were not so many pumps as they expected. They are passionate, indeed. I am sure, there will be many young people from local communities, who would like to join NFP,” said Mr Konstantin Lila, deputy Chief Production Engineer.

He told the visitors about the methanol production process flow. Such an experience was unique for the students and the scale they saw with their own eyes was motivating enough to select a future employer.

“Everything is really amazing. I saw the scale: a lot of effort and a great deal of special vehicles. I learnt a lot. For example, I did not know that we have seismic activity. I leant what they do at the construction stage to minimize the risk,” said Egor Yusupov, a student of NSAPC.

Right now, there are three NSAPC graduates employed by NFP, who received employer-sponsored education. A few more students will graduate in the near term. They receive an additional payment from NFP, which increases their regular academic scholarship.

It is easy to become a contract student: you need to fill in the questionnaire on the official NFP web site. To do so, go to section “Students: employer-sponsored education.”