23 November 2022

NFP helps children build a sports career

A martial arts festival took place in Nakhodka over the weekend. Spectacular fights were demonstrated by around 220 young athletes from four cities in Primorsky Krai – Nakhodka, Ussuriysk, Bolshoy Kamen, and Fokino. NFP provided cups and medals to all participants of the tournament.

Supporting youth sports is one of the main priorities of NFP’s social policy, aiming to foster the harmonious development of determined and physically strong generations. The employees of the plant believe that a healthy lifestyle is a key component fostering sustainable development of the town.

“We organize tournaments specifically for young athletes to gradually introduce them to the sport and help them take their first steps on this challenging path. The participants are from 6 to 18 years old. The older participants need to demonstrate their advantage over multiple opponents. The youngest ones participate in a match once, to showcase their technique and engage more in wrestling than fighting. One distinguishing feature of the tournament is that prizes are awarded to all participants. When a child is just starting to train, receiving additional motivation is very important to them. Therefore, we once again express our gratitude to NFP for providing cups and medals,” said Alexander Vegera, Chairman of the Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation in Nakhodka.

Girls are not uncommon in martial arts. Although they are significantly fewer in number than boys, women’s fights are no less spectacular. Seven-year-old Alexandra Razuvaeva from Bolshoy Kamen has been training for 8 months. This is her second tournament, and despite the competition being nearly equal, she earned a well-deserved gold medal.

“I thought I was losing, but the judges noted that I was working actively . I kept fighting, even though it was tough. Before the tournament, my coach told me to win, and I did not fail his expectations,” shares the young athlete.

For six-year-old Milana Efimenko, this tournament was her first, but she had already thought out a tactic before the fight. “I will trip her, and when she tries to knock me down, I will pull my leg out,” says Milana.

Hand-to-hand combat is a popular sport in Primorsky Krai and is represented in almost every municipality of the region. The Nakhodka Federation is one of the largest federations in the area. In spring, NFP supported the organization of the Open Cup of the city district, organized by the federation. Nearly 300 athletes from across Primorsky Krai participated in the tournament marking the beginning of a long-term partnership between the company and the federation.